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If you are like me you are always looking for more fish. These are my fish. Some are for sale.

I live in Clinton Utah (about 30 minutes north of Salt Lake). I breed a lot of different fish. I do not have an infinite amount of space so I must sell off some of them (the money also pays for the food and utilities). I usually have a lot of africans, and I also raise a fair number of discus. I like to try my hand at all different kinds of fish. If it is not too much work I may also post species of other local breeders that can be combined for shipping. Browse around the site. I will try to highlight main groups so you can easily locate the fish you are looking for. I will also include tips and articles on the fish I have.

A little about my fish hobby

I have been keeping fish for 30 years. I am always interested in trying to breed something new. I progressed like many to a fish room (my wife got tired of all the tanks in the house). I enjoy my fish, and do not have grand ambitions of making a living with them (I figure fish breeding pays about $5.00 an hour). I have many friends in the hobby, and hope to meet more. I am vice president of the Great Salt Lake Aquarium Society, and a member of the ACA. Almost all fish have interest to me.


Mike Dennis

Clinton, Utah

(801) 774-5085

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